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 Feurich 115 Upright Shackleford Pianos

Piano Sales

At Shackleford Pianos Cheshire we aim to meet the style, budget and technical demands for all levels of pianist, from the beginner with our used, or preloved pianos range, through to new pianos for the concert standard professional. We have over 100 pianos in store for sale at any one time in our Macclesfield, Cheshire based showrooms and the full selection for sale is always on our website for the perusal of those who live further afield or those who prefer to buy online. We offer free delivery on all new and used upright and grand pianos sold in the UK. When looking to buy a beginner piano or used piano why not take advantage of our 3 year buy back plan*? It's a far cheaper and rewarding option than hiring or renting a piano or buying an electronic keyboard (yuck!). All our new pianos, beginner pianos and used upright pianos are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, and are guaranteed to take you to a minimum level of grade 5 piano examinations board standard.

Used Pianos for sale

We offer beginner pianos and used pianos for as little as £695 and not just cheap pianos for sale in Cheshire but preloved pianos for sale across the UK. These pianos are often referred to as second hand pianos, reconditioned pianos or pre loved pianos. All pianos in our reconditioned piano range are selected from the best German piano and English piano makers, all parts have been thoroughly inspected, adjusted to play at concert pitch with an even touch and pleasing tone and are guaranteed to be able to play to a minimum of Grade 5 standard. All our used pianos and beginner pianos come with a written 3 year buy back plan and 5 year warranty.* Come and view our extensive range of used upright pianos at our piano shop in Cheshire  today and become a member of the music-making piano world! We also have a selection of used grand pianos starting from £1895.

New Pianos for sale

Our professional range of new pianos will meet the demands of the most discerning pianist. Complete piano perfection is reached and surpassed with this range of new pianos, and our technical support based in Cheshire will ensure passionate piano playing for you and enjoyment for all who listen!

Starting from just £1895, we have new upright pianos that offer the finest value for money on the piano market today. All our new upright pianos are German designed and are fitted with the finest of piano components. All our new upright pianos come with a free installation tuning service and 5 year warranty. Come and view the range of new upright and grand pianos at our piano shop today - you'll be surprised at what value for money that our new pianos are!

Feurich, Schimmel, Bechstein, Steinway, Petrof, Schulze Pollmann, Irmler, Bluthner and Bösendorfer are European piano manufacturers that are revered in the piano world for making the finest upright and grand pianos available. Come and view our professional selection of new upright German and European pianos at our piano shop in Cheshire and see, listen and feel the quality of hand-made European and German piano workmanship. All of our new professional upright pianos come with the finest of after-sales service and a genuine technical warranty.

New & Used Grand Pianos

Shackleford Pianos based in Cheshire offers a range of new grand pianos, fully restored antique grand pianos, used grand pianos and beginner grand pianos to meet all the demands of the beginner and concert pianist. We offer a large variety of styles, colours and sizes, and all our grand pianos are made by only the best piano makers.  Our prices start from as low as £1895. We specialise in English grand pianos and German grand pianos. We are the UK distributor for Feurich pianos and always have the complete range of Feurich pianos on display for you to come and choose from.

Feurich Budget Sale Piano Shackleford Pianos 

Upright pianos for sale by Shackleford Pianos Cheshire

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